Programs in Australia

“Leading the learning the Australian way.”


The JML Program is an inspirational, educational program, embedded in your international tour.

Our program will immerse you in English language and communication skills, developing your confidence and competence, whilst gaining an understanding of Australian Culture and Global Citizenship. The JML Program will be invaluable as you make choices about your own future.


OUR MISSION is to provide you with a high quality Australian educational and cultural experience, that will help you make decisions for your future studies.


You will return home equipped with insight and knowledge of study in Australia. Your experience will leave you with a longing to return to study, and be reunited with your many new friends.




Melbourne is a world-class destination, the Australasian epicenter for offering premium education, training and research opportunities for students from across the world. Every year, tens of thousands of students from around the world come to Melbourne to secure their future. As Australia’s most culturally diverse city, it is home to people from more than 200 countries.



Melbourne is a leader in high school education. Melbourne has a wide range of distinguished and reputable public and private schools.

·       Your tour will include experiences with local students in at least 3 of these schools.

·       We will also take you on a comprehensive tour of public and private, co-educational and single sex schools throughout Melbourne.



Seven universities in Melbourne are featured in the QS World University Rankings 2016/17. The QS Best Student Cities Index sees Melbourne in second place, thanks to its good selection of universities, and strong scores in the ‘student mix’, ‘employer activity’ and ‘desirability’ categories.

·       During your visit you will take part in a guided tour of two of the leading universities in Melbourne.




Our unique program is led by expert teachers. The curriculum has been crafted by educational experts to make it meaningful, impactful and inspiring.


·       For the first hour each day we begin with with learning fun aspects of Australian ‘Aussie’ Culture.

·       Then our morning classes, led by qualified and experienced expert teachers, will enhance your English and communication skills.

·       In the afternoon we will visit schools, universities and curriculum centres.

·       Each day we will explore a new theme of learning with the opportunity to share in experiences with local students.


Your future begins here with the right attitude and commitment to your learning.




You will be staying in the homes of local Melbourne families. This will give you a genuine Australian family experience. You will be partnered with one other member of your tour group.




Having completed our special JML five-day educational program, you will receive:

·       A Graduation Certificate

·        A Statement of activities

·       A JML Program assessment and appraisal report

 These documents can be used to supplement your application to Australian schools for future study.






Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Celebrating Aussie culture

Each morning we will spend an hour learning different aspects of Australian culture.

Aussie language and culture.

Activities to introduce you to different aspects of Australian culture.


You will get a feel of what it is like to be a student studying in an Australian classroom.

Aussie Indigenous art.

Australian aboriginal art has its own special techniques and meaning. Our expert Art teacher will teach you how to create your own unique piece of Australian inspired artwork.

Aussie Animals are the cutest!

We will learn all about these unique animals – some of the most unusual animals on our planet.

The Australian animal puppets we create will be used in a language presentation.

Aussie sport – it’s time to play!

Participating in sport is an integral part of the Australian curriculum. We will be learning techniques to play Aussie Rules Football and Cricket. And we will be learning to throw a boomerang!

Aussie music.

Time for some singing / dancing fun, whilst learning some popular Aussie songs, including indigenous music.


Theme for the Day

Getting to know you / Getting to know us!


Global Citizenship

Environment and sustainability

Health and wellbeing

IEC: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Morning program

Welcome ceremony!

Time for us to welcome you to Melbourne, share the program over the next five days and to get to know you.


We will be focusing on our English language and communication skills

And confidence building opportunities!




We will be learning what it means to be a Global Citizen.

Role plays, discussions and other activities will help develop your English skills whilst learning about Global Citizenship.


Sustainability is a vital part of an Australian family’s daily life.

This morning we will be engaging in role plays and other activities to learn more about how we can help the environment.


This morning we look at the importance of looking after our physical and mental health to relieve stress and develop resilience.

We will practice



-setting goals

-stepping outside your comfort zone

-importance of sleep

We will learn the science behind nurturing our bodies and our minds.

What does it mean to be Innovative?

What is an Entrepreneur?

What Creative ideas do you have?

We will be expanding our communication skills whilst working on aspects of STEM subjects.

Science; Technology; Engineering; Mathematics


We will begin the afternoon with a bus tour of Melbourne’s notable public and private schools.


Later in the afternoon we will visit a


You will have so much fun, reading stories to 4yr old local Kindergarten children and teaching them about Chinese culture using your English skills.


This afternoon will be a high school visit. Today we will make new friends with local secondary students, sharing a workshop on Global Citizenship.

This afternoon, after having lunch at another secondary school, we will visit Edendale farm and participate ‘hands on’ in learning about our environment.

This afternoon is another school visit. Time to meet new friends and share some wonderful sporting activities with them. We will put to use all the skills we have learnt in the morning!

This afternoon we will visit two Melbourne universities that you may want to study at in the future.

We will meet young entrepreneurs who will share their stories of incredible success in the STEM area.


We will also look at how to make a good impression during an interview to study at an Australian school, including answers to common questions asked. Everyone will have the chance to practice being interviewed.


Graduation ceremony including presentation certificates.

We will sadly say goodbye, having made such great new friends with you!







Public speaking

Answering questions in class

Confidence to ask questions and make comments

Build your knowledge

Confidence building

Communicating with a teacher and local students

Developing conversational English, whilst having fun and making new friends.




Each tour is individually designed, so school visits will vary slightly.

·       Schools may include: Carey Grammar; Shelford Girls Grammar; Brighton Grammar; Eltham College;  

·       Tertiary institutions may include: Melbourne University; Monash University; Deakin University; Swinburne; RMIT.

·       All are leading Australian institutions




We would love to hear your input!

·       Where would you like to visit?

·       What would you like to learn?

·       What are your highest priorities when visiting Melbourne?




Joanne Chappell Facilitator / Teacher / Leader of educational programs for over 30 years. Jo currently works with local and overseas families and students to support their inclusion into the Australian way of life and culture at the school / family /community level. Jo is a board member of Vision International, supporting Australian schools with International students.


Margaret Hepworth Facilitator / Author / Educator is an expert in teenage motivations & behaviours and an English and Humanities teacher of 30 years. Margaret is a thought leader in peace education; the founder of The Gandhi Experiment and author of The Gandhi Experiment – teaching our teenagers how to become global citizens. She is the recipient of the 2016 Sir John Monash Award for Inspirational Women's Leadership; creator of Collaborative Debating ©.